About US

One of the Aims of a BYU Education is to foster “Lifelong Learning and Service.” We intend this blog to facilitate that goal not only for BYU alumni but for all readers. We hope to provide intelligent, thoughtful and sophisticated analysis of important issues and themes. We do not simply wish to recycle what is commonly heard, but rather to shed new light or to dust off long-neglected perspectives. We will frequently provide our own original thoughts and views, but we will also link to others who may be overlooked. We are a group of dedicated social scientists with diverse opinions and perspectives who also share a common set of values. Individually, we certainly have our biases and blind spots, but these do not collectively accumulate in any one partisan or ideological direction. We do not individually or collectively represent BYU, the LDS Church, or each other. Each individual is solely responsible for any original content. We will certainly make mistakes and articulate views that can be criticized in numerous ways. But where many blogs and media outlets aim for heat, we hope for light, recognizing that all light generates some heat.

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