Political Science Poster Conference 2017


On Wednesday, December 13, 2017, from noon to 3 PM, The First Annual Political Science “Student Poster Conference” took place in the Garden Court of the Wilkinson Center. In a well-attended event open to all BYU students and faculty, sixty-one (61) Political Science students presented extensive research on timely topics condensed into elaborate, well-designed, informative 3’ X 4’ posters related to courses taught by Professors Goodliffe, Beesley, Monson and Preece. Topics ranged from: The State of Small Business in American, to Gendered Federal Finance Aid Use; from Gun Control to China as the solution to North Korea to Parenthood and Poverty in Sub-Saharan Africa. Professor John Holbein judged the poster conference, and he went through all 60+ posters, awarding the following prizes:

1st place ($300): Connor Kreutz, Does Endorser Gender Affect Candidate Electability?

2nd place ($200): Matt Easton, Can Conservatives Find Love?

3rd place ($100): Mandi Eatough, Congress and The Gendered Benefits of Social Media in Elections

Congratulations to all participants and winners. Because of its success and pedagogical usefulness, Professor Jay Goodliffe and the Political Science Department plan to expand the Conference again next Fall, 2018.

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