Professor Donna Lee Bowen’s Convocation Address


On August 18, 2017, Professor Donna Lee Bowen from the BYU Department of Political Science offered the Convocation Address for Summer Commencement for the College of Family Home and Social Sciences in the Marriot Center.

She spoke about integrity, and how strong leadership can help confront tyranny. She said, “Good leaders radiate their integrity in every action. They admit mistakes, ask forgiveness, and seek to abide as closely as possible to their responsibilities.”

The power of good leaders cannot be calculated, she said, and used George Washington as an example, discussing how he voluntarily relinquished power after two terms, instead of seizing power to become a dictator, thereby creating a precedence that continues to this day for our nation’s governance.  “Humility is the key,” she said.

Congratulations to Donna Lee on an inspiring convocation address.

Attached please find a full copy of her address:

Donna Lee Bowen FHSS Convocation Address 2017

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