BYUPAS New Chapter Presidents

The BYU Political Affairs Society would like to welcome three new PAS chapter presidents for  the Bay Area, New York, and Washington, D.C. Recently, each new president told us about their chapter goals, professional lives, and hopes for BYU alumni are.


Skye Herrick, Chapter President of the new BYUPAS Bay Area Chapter


Where do you work and what is your current position?

I currently work for Google Inc. in Mountain View, California.  I am the Analytical and Operations Lead for Google Marketing Solutions in North America.

Describe the best part about your job.

The best part of my job is solving complex problems everyday with some of the smartest and most driven people I’ve ever met.  At Google, we often get to be at the cutting edge of new ideas and products and I get to support businesses and users making that possible.

What are your goals with the Bay Area BYUPAS chapter?

I think the intersection of tech, business, and policy is fascinating.  Tech isn’t really an industry so much as an idea that we should disrupt existing industries.  This means that Tech is constantly pushing on entrenched systems, laws, and policies.  Understanding the policy implications of decisions, the potential to make lives better, and innovating around them is awesome and I think harnessing BYU alum and LDS professionals here to talk about and understand those intersections is a great adventure.

What advice do you have for BYU graduates or young LDS professionals who are still early on in their career?

Don’t settle.  Many BYU graduates and LDS professionals enter the workplace more mature and ready to work than their peers.  Don’t underestimate the power of outworking your peers in your early career and leveraging that for additional opportunities.  Also, put money in your 401k!

Stephan Puhlmann, Chapter President of the BYUPAS New York Chapter


Where do you work and what is your current position?   

I work for Apollo Global Management, alternative asset management firm, which has a strong presence in the private equity and credit spaces.  Currently, I am a Senior Accountant and work with several managed accounts that invest approximately $4.2 billion in a broad range of products and strategies across the firm’s credit platform, including leveraged loans, high yield bonds, private debt, junior debt and equity tranche CLOs, and opportunistic credit. I am primarily responsible for overseeing the financial, performance, and investor reporting for these accounts. My work also includes reviewing components related to compliance, marketing, and operations for these accounts.

Prior to joining Apollo, I worked as an external auditor in EY’s Asset Management Group, where I worked with a wide variety of clients in the asset management industry, including several hedge funds and mutual funds. Prior to joining EY, I spent several years working in door-to-door sales for Vivint, Inc.

Currently, I am a Chartered Financial Analyst and a Certified Public Accountant.

Describe the best part about your job.

Within my role, I have the unique assignment to oversee the various functions as they relate to each portfolio.  Much of the work in the investment industry is highly specialized and often leads to siloed behavior or responses by the various functions.  It is my job to coordinate the work of multiple internal and external groups for the benefit of our investors.


What are your goals with the New York BYUPAS chapter?

Currently, our primary goal is member development and chapter growth in the greater New York City area.


What advice do you have for BYU graduates or young LDS professionals who are still early on in their career?

I would recommend that they continue to develop themselves mentally and professionally after graduation.  In my experience, I have been able to accelerate my own career growth by constantly seeking ways to learn and grow professionally.  This continued growth has opened up many opportunities for professional advancement.

Chip Yost, Chapter President of the BYUPAS Washington, D.C. Chapter


Where do you work and what is your current position?

I am currently the Director, Government and International Affairs at Westinghouse Electric Company.

Describe the best part about your job.

I love working with Members of Congress and their staff. My job is to help them understand the value of nuclear energy from civil nuclear energy, environmental, economic and international trade perspective.

What are your goals with the Washington BYUPAS chapter?

I want to build on the foundation laid of previous chapter presidents. There are many career opportunities in Washington, DC and I would like to help new graduates connect with alumni that want to help the next generation of BYUPAS graduates. My goal is to put together a chapter team create three or four events a year where BYUPAS members can meet new friends and build new relationships.

What advice do you have for BYU graduates or young LDS professionals who are still early on in their career?

Washington, DC is a great town and there are no limits for someone that is willing to work hard and treat others with respect. Take time to get to know people and build a professional network that will last. This is not speed-dating. Networking is building a relationship and not just getting another contact on LinkedIn. Finally, take a hard look at your career. Where are you and where do you want to go. How are will you get from here to there? Then find a mentor that can help you make that happen!


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