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Stan A Taylor: A BYU Legacy

Stan Taylor is an emeritus professor at BYU and is a former chair of the Political Science Department.

Stan Taylor is an emeritus professor at BYU and is a former chair of the Political Science Department.

Brigham Young University is well known for many things, among them are the BYU Creamery ice cream, its affordability, loyal sports fans, and extensive opportunities for students to study abroad. A beloved legacy of the BYU Political Science Department, Stan Taylor, is helping students further realize the affordability of education or studying abroad with a scholarship fund awarded in his name.

Stan Taylor is an expert in national security, with an impressive portfolio of publications on the subject. He is also the founding director of the David M. Kennedy Center for International Studies at BYU and infamous creator of the Political Science 200 course. Over his long and successful career, Dr. Taylor has blessed many lives, and through the Stan  A. Taylor Endowed Fund in Political Science and International Relations that trend continues.

One 2015 recipient of the award, Sierra Davis, reflected on her ability to go abroad as a result of the scholarship money. “As a married undergraduate, I can eat and buy books. Just kidding; I’m hoping to use the funds to go to Tanzania and work with the Chagga women to use better cookstoves that are better for the respiration system and cleaner environmentally.” Ultimately she plans to follow Dr. Taylor’s example, “I really admire my mentors here in Political Science, so I want to attend graduate school and become one of them.”
Presently, Dr. Taylor is on the Board of Editors of the leading academic national security journal, “Intelligence and National Security.” He is the former chair of the department of political science. Students working as “teacher’s assistants” may be nominated by professors to win the scholarship awarded in his name.

Congratulations to Winter 2016 Pi Sigma Alpha Inductees!

Winter 2016 Pi Sigma Alpha inductees with Dr. Magleby

Winter 2016 Pi Sigma Alpha inductees

The BYU Political Science Department extends sincerest congratulations to the newest members of the honor society Pi Sigma Alpha! The pictured members were inducted and  honored at the Beta Mu Chapter closing banquet in March, 2016.


Sarah Adams, Madison Barr, Joseph Bebel, Lee-Ann Bender, Jeffrey Bennett, Hyrum Clarke, Jacob Coakwell, Faith Conlin, Brian Doll, Rebecca Dudley, Adam Duncan, Devin Earl, Sam Elmer, Jordyn Enos, McKenna Westra Erickson, Aaron Favreau, Tatiana Flexman, Aaron Thomas Gawtych, Mark Gillespie, Brittney Grandy, Tai Gray, Clarissa Gregory, Katiemarie Harmon, Alex John Harper, Blair Harris, Nathan Hogan, Matthew Hurst, Jennifer Hurst, Stevie Jamieson, Andrew Jensen, Nathaniel Jesse, Paul Johnson, Collin Mathias, Cameron McAlister, Scott McClellan, Emmanuel Morga, Nathaniel Mortensen, Alexander Norr, Cody Persinger, Jennica Petersen, J. Thatcher Pinkston, Alexandira E. Prier, Nicholas Roweton, Andrew Sandstrom, Soren Schmidt, Raeni Sroufe, Rachel Stone, Seth Taylor, Jenessa Taylor, Elena Tiralongo, Caitlin Van Wagoner, Matthew Walkden, Matthew Benson Young

Applicants must be at least juniors or seniors, have an overall GPA of 3.5 (and a major GPA of 3.0), and have completed at least one political science course at the 300 level or above. Applications for National Membership are accepted annually, around the middle of winter semester. National Membership is considered lifetime membership in Pi Sigma Alpha.